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My Friends...

This pic is from about a year ago at one of our school dances. I am the middle one, the one on the left is my bestfriend Celina, and the one on the right is Amber.

This is after a softball tournament. [It's fastpitch softball] I am the one on the left and Brandy is on the right. She is my catcher, and I (obviously) am the pitcher.
Soon, I should be getting some more pictures of my friends posted. Until then just imagine my other best friends Katie and Brandon. To all those I haven't metioned yet: Don't worry, I still luv y'all. Hopefully I'll be desigining a shoutout page, and I will be sure to mention all of u, 'cause you're all so special. (ha!)

And now for my family...

This is my imediate family. my sister Erin (who is 20 yrs.old) It's my mom, my sister Erin (who is 20 yrs.old), and my dad.