All About me!!!

 STATS-                 FAVORITES-
Name: Holly        Bands: Counting Crows, Simon & Garfunkle, The Doors
Age: 15            Colors: navy blue, grey
Hair: blonde       Food: lima beans
Eyes: grey         Hobby: writing
Height 5'2"        Movie: Girl, Interrupted
Grade:10           Sport: diving
                   Car: Volkswagon Cabriolet/Rabbit/Cabrio
                   Animal: moose
                   Quote:"We are all helpless puppets on the      
                          strings of our masters"

I can't wait- next birthday I'll turn 16 and that means one thing: LICENSE!!!!!! Feel free to send me presents either then or in advance. I love moose, like rock/alternative music, wear a size 4, (size 7 in shoes)and my fav. colors are navy and grey. Hopefully that will help in your search for my gift.

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